... free health care clinic (I am a full-time working US citizen and am unable to pay for insurance) and the chiropractor diagnosed me with 'moderate microtrauma' in these areas. I have tried absolutely everything available OTC and nothing helps take the pain away. The headaches and dizziness caused by the pain DO go away when taking advil, ibuprofen, etc. etc., but the pain is still there and is nearly unbearable.

The chiropractor cannot prescribe me any pain medication, but he did suggest looking into purchasing Tylenol 3's or Nurofen Plus online. I found a legit pharmacy website that sells the Nurofen Plus' 12 pack for $10 without a prescription. These are only schedule V/5 drugs in the US, but I'm still weary of ordering them over the internet. I am NOT looking to use these recreationally or to get high, what I AM looking for is some long awaited pain relief! I have bills to pay and mouths to feed, and this pain is getting in the way of my job. The soonest I can see a doctor at this clinic is in November, so I'm looking for something to help me get through the day at work until a doctor can actually help me the right way. What should I do? Should I order them anyway? Or, in other words, am I safe to order them to use for their intended purpose?