Sore kidneys are sore and suround them I am in so much pain my back feels like it has been folded in half backwards sorry very hard to explain. Sleep, very little, shifting onto side no help I walk 2 times a day, exercise every day. As soon as I get up it is not long before it goes and I am pain free untill I sit then I get pins and needles down the legs and my lower back hurts. Why I am asking is because I am taking these because I am 50 and am in manopause and have 2 times now forgotton to take Caltrate and have woken up pain free so this got me thinking. I have seen a Nouroligist and they ruled out any back problems or nerve damage. I do have spineabiffita acculta. Now I am not saying Caltrate has anything to do with my problem and will continue to stop taking it to see if things get better and go back on then again to see if it happens again I am desperate as pain is on a level out of 10, it's a 10. I think doctors are so baffeled that they think I a bit well you know bonkers. I can tell you I am a very sain person and very level headed my husband sais to me anyone else by now would gone mad. I had heard years ago that people stopped taking them because they had some side affects so I stopped them and had not been on them long but this time I have been on them for 2 years. Please I am desperate to hear something I really need help. Anything. Deb.