... then with only two pills left to take I started having severe joint pain and swelling and my doctor told me to stop it immediately. I am still in severe pain and all the blood work has come back negative testing for rheumatoid arthritis, Lupus, Lyme disease, etc.. I have read a lot of horror stories on the internet and I am just looking for support and answers, I am in such pain I cannot handle it anymore. I can't sleep, I am so grumpy with horrible headaches as well from the all the joint or tendon pain I am having. Does anyone have any answers that can help me. I heard most doctors don't want to admit you can have permanent damage or side effects from the drug, but I honestly think I do, none of the other items I was tested for came back positive. I go back to the doctor tomorrow, any suggestions and what I can ask for to help me deal with or diagnose this?