gits say I have it, others say I don't; that I'm not typical). I've been seeing the same neur. for almost eight years now; he believes I have blepharospasm instead of ptosis. My symptoms include extreme fatigue and if I keep pushing myself, I end up in the hospital with solumeterol steroids given IV injections which help alot. When I am fatigued, my eyelid/eyebrow will "droop" and my right side of face looks distorted and I also get hoarse. When I get rest, then my face looks "normal" again until I get tired. I take medication for MG. I finally let him botox me, which was a mistake because the same symptoms I experience when tired, went to the left side of my face which had never, never happened before (I seem to puzzle my neurologist!)! He wanted to botox again and I said NO. One internal doctor told me never to get it again! Does any of this sound like blepharospasm? I understand, through research, that there should be a twitching of the eye, which I do not experience.Do some of you only experience this "distortion" when you are fatigued and are treated with IV steroids for this condition? Do you also get hoarse only when tired (an ENT specialist went down my throat and said the weakness is due to MG... I sincerely don't think my neurologist listens even when I take him other doctors' reports!)? I thought botox was what is used for blepharospasm (I only know one person that has it and we both agree that my symptoms are very different from his!!! ). I truly believe I don't have this condition, just that I am atypical Myasthenic. I appreciate your ideas. Thanks alot!!!