... of my life. First major episode was when I was 14 years old and I am now 62 . Have been on almost all of the early antidepressants of the 1970's and 80's as well as lithium and none of them helped the depression. Finally I opted for ECT treatments which helped somewhat. Have had many years of talking therapy with several therapists with different approaches. Now under another psychiatrists care have been on paxil for over 9 years, the last 3 years on 75mg paxil cr, as she had to keep increasing the dosage to keep my symptoms in check. However, for the last 6 months or so the paxil seems to be losing its effectivness as I am suffering from a constant sense of anxiety. Can this happen with the ssri's and pazil in particular, where it once worked well and then loses its effectivness? Is there another alternative ssri or snri that might be a good substitute for the paxil? I am also on Deplin 7.5 mg(folic acid) and 4 grams of fish oil per the doctor as well. Thank you for any help