I have been clean from Tramadol for 15 days now,after abusing these pills for almost two years. I was taking 15 plus pills a day. I went cold turkey because I do not have health insurance and going into detox was out of the question (too many responsibilities). I do feel great, but the insomnia is driving me crazy. Crazy thing is that on Monday night I slept all nite, but Tuesday night was horrible. I did go to the pharmacist and asked and he told me to take melatolin and or benadryl. Am i going to go through this every night or just until my body regulates itself. I do not want to take ambien as I know myself too well and I would probably abuse them. Please help if there is anything else out there that can help. I am desperate and need to sleep. I have a full time job and I deal with people all day long, therefore I cannot afford to be drowsy. Please help.