I woke up a few mornings the past 2weeks and have took my med. (methadon) whic i take for chronic pain. The trouble is i have been blacking out lately it happend again yesterday.I remember coming out of the doctors office about a upcoming surgery .ive had 19 total allreadyAnd i have been on pain meds since 05 . Nothing like this has ever appened to me proir to all the surgeries and meds and since im onlly on the methadone i really think it was the problem that is causing the blackouts? Well anyways im wondering if the methadone could be causing them. The one that appened yesterday suposedly lasted for about 4 hours cause it was about 11am when igot in truck leaving te doctors office when i unblacked out or whatever it had been a lil over 4 hours since i left the doctor and i dont know wht the hell i did or were i went or anyting .I'm scared this will happen again. An theres no telling what i could do while like that or what could be done to me it pure scares the hell out of me so ive stopped taking my pills so far ive been fine. Is this the med causing the blackouts? I have no brain or head problems >>please someone help me!!!