... ulcer- I cannot take regular meds(ibuprofen,aleve ect.) thus the Tramadol came into the pic. My husband is REALLY getting fed-up with the cost & I am getting fed-up with the yelling & fighting.
I have tried to quit cold turkey,of course that didnot work. I am so afraid of not having any. I want to ween myself off of them(my husband & children would be so proud) but I have the problem of not being able to buy anymore, my husband won't let me. S I'm between a rock & a hard place. I've heard it it bad for your health to just stop,after taking them for so long. I am so tired of counting on these for anything & everything I do. But yet I am still afraid.
Does anyone have any suggestions or a way of getting some so I can ween myself off. I'M DESPERATE!!! PLEASE HELP!!!