Off and on for 3 years i finally took a min and stopped what i was doing and how i was living my life. i decided to stop fighting my family and those who love and care about me, and to just get clean, so about a month and half ago i quite opiates cold turkey its still hard and i struggle the most with all the time i have on my hands because my family has me on a lock down situation so my mind is constantly going against me, but ive stuck it out through the restless nights cold sweats, cramps and so on and so forth, but today i relapsed due to being on the verge of a mental break down after a serious of events and strenuous fights with my father, how do i keep moving forward and prevent something like this from happening again because above all else i want to be clean for me and don't kno if i have the tools i need to keep bettering my life by staying away from this addiction, because it has and is taking away everything i truly care about in my life... any thoughts or suggestions out there