I have severe Crohn's Disease and after years of trying different meds that have either failed to help or I have found I reacted to and four surgeries that have seen me with only 120cm of small bowel left , at least 20cm is affected at present by CD and my GI thinks it is also now through my colon also I at present have a Hickman line in as I have had to have TPN recently, and also had to spend almost 3 months in hospital trying to stop my wieght from dropping any more as I had gone from 126lbs to 90lbs in a short time , My GI wants me to have remicade but I am very unsure about this drug and am I being silly to worry about this drug like I do. I feel I have to mention I have kidney problems due to Crohn's Disease and also gall stones, arthritis (I have to use crutches) and lung problems ( I have had 5 left sided phneumothorasis in the past year . I also have a heart murmur that I was born with and still have,
All of these are due to CD. I would apprieciate any help or advice on this thankyou.