... several periods of recovery.The longest on methadone.Five years on methadone was great except for only being able to get weekly carrys.As you get your life back and want to be spuratic its an issue.Also when i made an attempt to go on it this time it was more difficult.I expected that the methadone would kill the cravings for the oxycontin but it didnt.The last time i was on methadone i was coming off of iv dilaudid.I have never tried to detox from oxycontin so i dont know what made it different but at the end of trying i was on both oxycontin and methadone.My latest attempt was suboxone and the dr. gave it to me when i was still under the influence of the oxycontin.,so i went into withdrawl.Anyway we are to start again on the 26th of march and i dont know what root to take.I hate withdrawl and even a little nearly kills me so the going on suboxone is frightening to me especially after the other days experience.Does anyone have experience with both methadone and suboxone and if so which was best for you.Also weight loss is an issue.Methadone was great i gained weight and i have heard that with suboxone you might lose weight i cant afford any weight loss. thanks