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I have bad headaches all the time what would u guys recommende?

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suzanne66 21 Sep 2011

What have you tried so far?
Do you have any other symptoms such as nausea or visual disturbances (more indicative of a migraine)?
Can you think of anything that triggers your headaches?
If your headaches are frequent and bad I would suggest seeing your doctor so that you can find an effective treatment - there are many "life changing" treatments out there!
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sara12345 10 Nov 2011

I'm sorry to hear about your continuous pain. First of all, if you keep taking pain killers many times a week, including over the counter ones, you will continue to get bad headaches non-stop.

I would strongly recommend that you at least see a neurologist or a headache specialist. They can do CT scans or MRIs to diagnose if you have a major problem. Most of the time, they don't find anything. But then, there are many treatments such as daily prophylactic meds to prevent the headaches in the first place. Without more information, it's difficult to answer your question any better.

Good luck, but do seek help so that you don't keep suffering. free discount card

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