all the difrent doc's i have been to have put me on some sort on anti-depresants and they do not help and make my anxiety worse. I have been put on Seroquel,Effexor-XR,Lexapro,Celexa,prozac,Buspar,Cymbalta,Trazodone,Paxil-CR,Geodon,atarax,Klonopin,ativan,xanax (effexor,Trazodone and Celexa have put me in the ER and i had so called Drug Toxicty from them) (paxil-CR,Cymbalta,Seroquel, have caused stomach problems and other issues)(prozac,buspar had no effect at all in controling my problems) (xanax,ativan and atarax had short term help then they just didnt not work anymore to help ease my anxiety. In between all of this I had been put on Klonopin taking 1/2 mg 3xtimes a day stoped my anxiety and had and decreased my panic attacks by 80% I still have issues with insomnia but not every night. I can't stress this enough I DO NOT abuse this med,had "0" side effect, but because of other peoples abuse on this med my doc's look down at this med everytime they take me off of it they put me on an anti depresant ( I simply tell them im taking 5-HTP and it has been working well for me,I don't have or suffer from depresion) they continue on how well these other meds will help me so much better. I have been dealing with these doc's for 10-11 years now is there anyone who can give me some sound advice to let them know what helps and what makes me worse without sounding like an "addict" PS my anxiety is so bad I have lost every job i have ever had im now even off the road and cannot drive because of the panic attacks that happen while im driving. I thank anyone in advance that has any input or information that can help me.