I have a great relationship with myhusband and outside of work my stress is fairly low, but at work I get very stressed out and the negativity around me adds to it. I have been much more snappier and bit*hier than normal and I have always been an upbeat, smiling always happy person. I still am, but not so much at work. I wanted a medicine to take "as needed" for the anxiety I often get and my doc. prescribed me Celexa and I am afraid to take it. Didn't really want anything that HAD to be taken daily... also I tried Lexapro (just 1 pill) one time a few years back and got sooooo sick! Couldn't even drive or do anything. I am afraid that A) If I do take it that when I get off of it I won't be as happy as I once was B) that I will become dependant on it C) It will make me sick... what do you think? I don't believe I'm dperessed, simply stressed due to overwhelming work load.