I have tried every antidepresion medicine and theyall just dont work. Been on valium and xanax also. I am very sensitive to medicine and have acid reflux bad and IBS. My pysch got mad because everything he wanted me on I had already tried and couldnt handle it. He said I was anxious and a worrier. I surviving on the klonopin to handle stressful events such as mom just diagnosed with cancer cells and never been sick in her 83 years of life. My blood pressure stays high and when I take b,p, medicine I end up at the emergency room. Weird I know, but I had 1/2 of my thyroid removed about 25 years ago and have never been put on thyroid medicine because the other half kicked in. I get it checked every year and my T3 are good then about 4 years ago all of this started.Sorry for the long post but now my Dr. is sending me to a endocrinologist. Has anyone ever heard of your thyroid messing with your nerves, blood pressure and sex drive gone:( Im also having arm and leg tingles. No im not a hyperchondriac:) Just wanting to live each day on this side of eternity with a joyful life. Please give me any advice you have on this situation. My endo appointment is June 7th. All comments are welcome!!Thanks and have a blessed day!!!