I was taking cymbalta 90 mg, seroquel 200 mg, topamax 200 mg ( for chronic migraines) and Klonipin 1 mg 2 times a day. I was a wreck! I've gone through 7 surgeries and an emergency Hysterectomy in the last 2 years. My psychyitrist decided to take away the cymbalta, and try paxil. BTW, I have tried darn near all the anti-deppressents out there including the triptalins and MAO's. I immediatly noticed an INCREASE in my headaches so he switched me to Zoloft. Im more deppressed than ever! I am going back to cymbalta, at least it helped somewhat. But my Question is actually about Gabapentin or neurontin... I was prescribed this med to help with "nerve pain" I worked my way up to 900 mg as prescribed, and all I thought about was killing myself! I Totally changed. My emotions... i.e. uncontrollable weeping, suicidal thinking, unbelievable mood swings! I also felt like I was drunk! I DO NOT DRINK! EVER! I quit the neurontin 3 days ago, and I'm still feeling nasty, is this a dangerous drug to take? My Dr... not my psych never warned me, or is it just me? Any feedback is welcome, I'm so confused and worried. Thank you.