I go back to the dr tomorrow and would appreciate as many answers as possible, I will try to make this breif. Just so you know, I am taking wellbutrin (generic) 150sr once in the am and one about 8 hrs later. I started with 150sr 6 weeks ago, 2 weeks ago was when I added the 2nd pill. I also take 30 mg oxycotin, 2 in am, 1 at noon and 3 at night. I KNOW, I KNOW thats a lot when I can I take less, and I am also making myself "CRAZIER" worring about coming off the oxy. (even before I have my pain totally under control I am trying to take less) I also have soma that I am perscribed 2 a day when needed. So know you know that... the pain is getting better IF I do nothing, if I try to catch up on house work or spend even 1 hr in the garden, or go grocery shopping, I am in total agony to say the least. I am still very depressed, blowing up at everyone and crying about everything (I am crying now)... I don't know what to do. I was hoping for just a little sign of things getting better. I am hating my life sooooo much. I really have a great life except for my health. I feel like I don't know how much more I can take, I know that is just stupid to say but thats how I feel. I mostly take the soma to calm me down and take the edge off, but that isn't even working any more unless I take like 2 at a time. I don't have a problem with them because when I run out of them I'm ok. No w/d no nothing. I don't understand why when I don't take them all the time have they stopped working like I have built up a tollerance. Why? How much wellbutrin can you take in a 24 hr period? The pain med is ok, IF I don't do anything, so what good is that. I can't just sit and do nothing, that just make the depression worse. The depression hasn't gotten any better AT ALL! Please, Please, I just really want at least some ideas to take with me when I go to the dr. tomorrow am. I know I posted this a little late to expect too many responses but I tried my best. It seems like I use that line a lot... "I'm sorry, I did my best" I feel like such a failure and am letting everyone down. WHY ME? I just want to feel like me again. Also, if anyone is going to lecture me and say I'm having a pity party, save your time and don't bother to respond. Sorry, but I just need some help from "friends", which I consider A LOT of you on this site. Well, I guess I have whined enough, sorry so long, I guess I just have a lot wrong with me. :( :( :(