... dementia who was prescribed Haloperidol and Zyprexa. He has now been determined to need a nursing home level of care but no nursing home in NJ is able to accept him if he needs to be on the Haloperidol to keep him calm. Had been staying with a relative who was not only giving him the Haloperidol just before his coming to dialysis, but also at night and on non-dialysis days to keep him calm, but he kept getting up at night and trying to get out of the house, get locked out, and create a disturbance trying to get back in, such that the police were frequently called and she had to put him out.

My question: Are there any other anti-psychotic or other medications that could be administered in a nursing home setting to keep him calm and help him also sleep through the night? His elderly 76 y/o sister is now keeping him temporarily but cannot continue for very much longer. Any suggestions?