... head down through her torso and on both arms. She recently told her mother that she cannot take it anymore... she's giving up hope for relief from this ailment. We are waiting for a referral to admit her to Doernbecker Childrens Hospital. We learned that Neem can be used on her skin. Can Neem be used on a child her age? Can Neem give her the relief she is needing? It's hard to watch this beautiful young girl suffer with patches of dry, scaly, weeping, swollen and bloody skin. Her head is covered with eczema; it's next to impossible for her to not want to scratch herself. Is there any hope for her to get well? She has had 3 prescriptions of Prednisone, as soon as she finishes her last pill, her skin flares back up. Would you please share what you know regarding Neem and it's uses for her condition. Thank you in advance for your time, Sara Edmondson