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I have als, would gabapentin 300, 2 daily help with twiching legs at night?

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MichellePerez1027 18 Apr 2011

My mother had A.L.S. and she took gabapentin for nerve pain... she also developed twitching but during the day also. She took a muscle relaxant(cyclobenzeprine) at first when she was in the process of losing mobility. She believed it caused her muscle deterioration to speed up... she eventually took a very low grade muscle relaxant just at night for 2yrs n that helped with twitching and her knees locking up. Her dr said alot of ALS take it. Its called Baclofen. She took the pill form just at night... but if you take it, its really important, especially with the disease, to NOT suddenly stop taking it. She said it really helped and she slept better through the night. I also noticed that she didnt need me to adjust her legs as much through the night... Another thing that helped everything including that, was Reflexology.

Hope this helps! If you need to know anything else you can just ask... i helped my Mother every day and eventually took care of her for years by myself until she passed recently. So i was i took care of everything from Meds to Range of Motion.

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sweetpea602 19 Apr 2011

I have a nephew who was diagnosed with ALS a year ago. He is 41 and has an eleven year old daughter. His first obvious sign was with speech and then swallowing. I am so glad you decided to write and I hope I will be able to email privately. Is there any books or information that you would suggest for our family?? Should we start counciling for his daughter now? Sorry, I realize that your not a doctor or therapist, there is just so little information on this disease. Thanks again, Sweetpea

MichellePerez1027 20 Apr 2011

im so sorry to hear that. it is such a horrible disease for any1 and no matter where it starts or how far it gets before passing, it just as horrible. and yeah, not a whole lot of info about it. Ill try n remember everything you asked and answer best i can, alot is opinionated tho.
Personally found talking to other people like you are doing, is much more informational and helpful than any books and such. Except for this book we recieved from our local MDA.(they were soooo helpful with information n gadgets n such along the way) and their tri-monthly ALS newsletter... is your nephew connected with a local MDA... as for his daughter, i cant really say much bc i was 19 when my mother became ill and her youngest was 18. i was actually pregnant when she was diagnosed. My daughter was around her every day since she was born but when she started talking she never seemed concerned or asked ?s bc she was use to her being that way. free discount card

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