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I have agoraphobia. I've never met anyone with it. What's it like for you?

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LaurieShay 29 May 2011

Hey pickles,

It has been years since I have had a serious panic attack and therefore don't remember my agoraphobia too much. But I will never forget the shear fear of having a panic attack. It is ever present in the back of my mind. I no longer hibernate avoiding situations that might cause me anxiety. I have learned that the fear was the problem not the actions themselves. I had to face the fear by taking my medication and going to therapy in the beginning and now I can actually keep the fear at bay long enough to prove to myself that I won't panic when I'm out and about. I still live with a low level of anxiety all the time but it doesn't keep me from venturing out and participating in my life. I had to make my mind up that I was no longer going to be a victim to my fear and then prove to myself that I could survive without having a panic attack.

Wow, thank you for giving me the opportunity to share, it has helped me tremendously. I hope it helped you a little too.

Best wishes,


Inactive 30 May 2011

Laurie I love that! Von

LaurieShay 30 May 2011


caringsonbj 29 May 2011

I had this when I was in my late teens and early 20's, I had panic that would come on first I had a horrid fear of getting out in public places (with friends and aquaintences), the panic was uncontrolled fear I just felt like if I were out and in a group of people and it hit me I would get this horrible feeing that I was going to die or maybe loose my mind, I underwent a long bout of psychotherapy and I was on some medications things were so rough and I was so afraid I just could hardly believe that I would ever get any better, after a lot of hard work and good care over time things did get better, it didn't happen overnight but things did improve, I had a lot of laboratory work done and there were some of my male hormones that were not normal although this was not the entire cause it didn't help things,

Inactive 30 May 2011

Billy, you are just so wonderful, caringson fits you so well, caringfriend! Vonnie

IndyLady2012 30 May 2011

One word it was like i was living in Hell

Inactive 30 May 2011

Indy, well said. Thats it pure hell. von

kerriehoyne 31 May 2011

i had a mild bout carry around a paper bag and if u feel like passing out cup it over yor nose and mouth and take deep breaths in and out it helps free discount card

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