The pain is on my left side, a little below my hip... sometimes it feels like something is too large or doesnt belong there. I bruise VERY easily and at any given point in time I usually have between one and four bruises on my body. I work as a mechanic so *some* injuries are normal of course, but Ive NEVER bruised like this before except over the past year, and Ive been doing this 8 years.

A basic blood test showed normal liver and kidney function, they told me there was no evidence of anemia, and a chest and abdomenal CT only showed a 'bone island' somewhere around my hip, which was inconsequential I was told. The bruising is bad enough that when they took my blood for the tests, the nurse wasnt harsh by any means, but half of my arm turned so purple that it became BLACK in spots and looked like it was going to rot off. The look on the first nurse's face after she saw it was basically horror!

Also I have some sharp chest pains and numbness/zinging sensations in my arms and hands occasionally, but I believe that to be a separate thing maybe related to my Mitral Valve Prolapse?

I dont get insurance til February but as many times as Ive gone, Ive never actually been helped once.. Thanks for anything.