i would rather not post it here,so if someone could private me,that would be good,a man would know more,or if anyone here man or woman is a nurse,that would be helpful too,its a sexual question,one that my 9 year old came to me with,and i just want to know if it's normal,well,it's normal,but at that age,ppls minds are probably thinking the worst,lol,it's not a bad thing,oh well,i will just ask,he came to me and ask me why he get's hard when he see's boobs or something on tv,no we dont let him watch bad shows or anything like that,but sometimes on a show,there it is,and i will hurry and change it or cover his eyes,anyway,i let him know its normal and all,and i asked him if when he see's this,it well,like do you like it? he thought he was going to get into so much trouble,poor kid,but i assured him he would never get in trouble for asking me anything,and well,he said yes. is it possible for children that young to start to go through puberty? i cant see what else it could be,he also mention that when its big,lol,thats how he puts it,it feels funny,but good,no we are not a sick family,actually we are a very good family,good morals,good parents,et cetera,i was just wondering because my first son didnt come to me with these questions until he was 13,can a young one start that young,at 9?