implanted about a month later. After recovering from the surgery, assuming that it is successful and manages my pain a whole lot better, I will start to come off the methadone, 75 mg/day, which I have been using for chronic pain. Just how fast can I go down on the methadone? I know I've heard here 10% of the dose per month about 50 mg, 5% of the dose per month under 50 mg. Is that correct? What happens if you go quicker than that? Do you go through withdrawal? For how long? I just don't want to lose the momentum - if the stimulator really works, the best time to get off the meds is those first six months. I know, I'm really jumping ahead, but it's been ages since I've dreamed of things getting better and - well - I'm dreaming! I will know in two weeks if the stimulator will help. Thank you for your responses!