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I have a safety critical position at work. Is it ok to take fluoxetine hydrochloride?

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Inactive 31 Aug 2010

Fluoxetine may affect your ability to perform complex tasks requiring mental and motor skills. Therefore, it is recommended that you become accustomed to its effect on you before becoming involved in activities requiring mental or motor concentration (such as driving a car or operating machinery).

Take care.-

dmfdjttor57 31 Aug 2010

The answer you rec'd from Maso was correct. I would just like to add that for some people, fluoxetine seems to give them a feeling of being a bit "speedy" and can be uncomfortable in the beginning. That can certainly effect your ability to perform some tasks. If not the case w/you, that is great and hopefully will do the job it is supposed to after a few weeks, as the effect is not immediate, I am sure you were told. But if you do feel the anxious feeling i mentioned, give yourself a little time and see if it doesn't go away, as often happens. Years ago i could not take Fluoxetine, it made me feel as if i was on speed, but now I can take it w/none of those feelings, although I do not, simply because I am on alot of meds and do not feel the need for an antidepressant at this time. Hope all goes well for you and it does not affect your job in any way. Dede

Inactive 31 Aug 2010

Good team work!

norfolkboy 31 Aug 2010

Thanks for your replies folks. I've had an unusually bad year and was thinking of going on fluoxetine, but have had a good talk with my wife about things tonight and feel a bit better now. I think I will try more natural remedies and put less pressure on myself. Take care.

Inactive 31 Aug 2010

Thank you, and I hope you find the right natural remedy for you.-

kcassie 10 Sep 2010

Take your time into getting to know your reaction to fluoxetine. Maybe you could ask your prescriber for the smallest dose available and to take it over the weekend to give it a try. Also exericise in my case has been helpful to get rid of some anxiety. free discount card

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