I was told I had a strep throat, high fever and severe cough. I was given a prescript for antibiotics with one extra refill and I was also given Phenergan with Codeine for the congestion and coughing. Now this was 2 weeks ago has passed and I am still suffering from the coughing at night and morning and hoarse with swollen throat glands. I called my dr's office for a refill on the above named Cold and Cough Medicine and I already had a refill on the antibiotic. I am allergic to a lot of medicines out there so I thought I was doing the right thing by contacting my doctor for a refill. I waited three days before I got it called out and I kept checking with the Pharmacy and the Docs office. Dr's office claimed they called it out. I called the pharmacy they claimed they did not have such a request from my dr's office. Then finally the nurse re called it out for me and I went to pick it up now this was all legitimate because the dr had the right to choose to call it out or not.
When I got there they were filling the medicine per dr's request but yet the Pharmacist told me that this was the last time they were going to fill this medication because so called I had it called out to many times NOT Truth
Pharmacist told me that even if my doctor calls out the medicine for me the pharmacy will not fill it. Is this legal on the part of the Pharmcy? to refuse to fill a prescription that was called out by the Docs office? I always go through protocol when requesting medications because I am allergic to alot of meds plus I am not a drug addict nor do I take more than is necessary of the medicine. I can't help I been sick for two months and I have been around several people who were very sick I am on the high risk list for getting severe sinus infections and I've have a history of pnemonia and the croop.
Honestly I respect the words of my doctor for he or she is the one who can only prescribe the medicines we get. However the pharmacist job is just to do as the doctor ordered. And considering my doctor monitors me on a regular basis so is it legal for that Pharmacist to refuse to fill a medication that is indeed legally called out? I did not go in there with a script paper nor would I ever think of doing such a thing. I thought I was doing the right thing by calling the doctor's office. I have many people I know have asked me are you sick? Your voice is very hoarse and coughing green mucus yuck. Now I feel like a you know what Jack A for even asking my doctor for the medicine even though I was and am now sick. I am afraid that I will never be able to get any medicines if I fall sick. I have high blood pressure and am on meds for that I am scared that particular pharmacy named Walmart in question will not even fill my high blood pressure meds and my pressure is and continues to stay in the 189 over 100 range. HELP I need answers I assure everyone here on this blog I am not and never will go out my way to abuse drugs. Heck if I wanted to get high I could go by wine in the local store which I don't I don't smoke nor drink and I have never been in a club let alone know the names of those drinks everybody talks about. Right now I really feel stupid, shy and scared that I even asked I feel I must make a consulation visit with my dr and explain to him that I ask for the refill due to the fact I still had the coughing and everyone I am around was saying to me "girl" your sick I said well I have already been to doctor oh well I am just a struggling student trying to find a job and a place to stay that's all. thanks in advance for the advice and sorry about the long lengthy words. :)smiles Peace