A brief summary of my medical condition. I have a bad disc at L4-5. Put off surgery for many years. I had an accident in September and shattered my mid-low spine, L-1 and L-2. Back was surgically repaired. I had re-injured the original bad disc a few months ago. I think by lifting something heavy the wrong way. Never had surgery for it. It's been going downhill since then. I need additional surgery to remove/replace some hardware that is pushing through my back due to major muscle loss.

Friday afternoon, I was sitting on the edge of a flimsy table (didn't know it at the time) fixing my grand daughters hair and the table collapsed. I felt something "give way" in my low back, left side. The pain is still there from all my other back problems so I have decent pain control. I noticed yesterday my feet and ankles are swelling, especially the left one. It does subside when I have them elevated.

Do you think it's something back related? If so, should I stop taking my pain meds for a few days to see how much pain I'm really in? I know the meds are masking the other problems I have. Long story, but I have no insurance right now and am waiting for a decision (again) from SSI and Medicaid. Also, has anyone had spinal injuries in which this type of swelling occurred??