... had knee surgery a week earlier, and on the 4th in the evening and about 8:00 my knee started to hurt really bad, and began to swell up. I could not walk. I was in severe pain and we called a ambulance to take me to the hospital. I explained everything to the Medics.My blood pressure was high and I have a blood disorder that causes clots. I heard them say on radio that I had nothing for pain and we were close to hospital. They took me in and my wife gave them all the info. on Insurance as they took me to room. I was crying for pain med. it hurt so bad. I cried to all the nurses, that I needed pain relief. They kept saying just a min. for I don't know how long as they hooked up a IV
I told my wife that I was going to go off soon if I didn't get help. The Medics cut my pants up my leg to expose the sight. My leg was swollen about 2 inches bigger around then the other leg. The Dr. finally came and ask me what my problem was. I begged him for something for pain. He said " not till you tell me what's your problem is". I got mad and told him to leave, I wanted a different Dr. He said no, I'm your Dr. now tell me what's the problem. I started swearing bad and told him to leave me alone. I wanted to leave the hospital and go to different one. He and his staff would not let me leave. I went crazy and tried to hit Dr., fell on floor. As they held me, the Dr. got in range and I kicked him in the lower leg.They really piled on me then. When I stopped fighting, He again wanted to know what my problem was. They called the police and threaten to arrest me. I told I would be getting a ticket for assault. I told them to go to hell.I was really mad and still refused treatment. At last they said I could leave if I got in wheel chair. I told them to go to hell I would leave on my own. They did let me go and my Anxiety was so high that I limped out of there, Yelling at them. I went to another hospital and was checked with X-ray and a Doppler machine of some kind and they could not find the problem and sent me home and told me to take the Morphine I have because of a blood clot that stopped and stayed in my head," in 2004.
I have to wait tell Monday the 8th to see surgeon who did operation.
Fun right? What will happen to me? I'm 62 years old