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I have a pill and I entered the number and nothing will come up... what does that mean?

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Inactive 4 Mar 2011

It probably means it is not in the database.-

Give me the numbers, I think I may be able to help you.- I have other sources for identifying pills.-

Take care.-

Seriously??? 5 Mar 2011

The numbers are 93 068. I hope that's right I hid the pill and now I can't find it!! haha Hid it in a safe place... such a safe one that I forgot where for the time being.

Inactive 5 Mar 2011

Hello, I could not find any matches for that imprint.

Can you please doudle check the imprint? I found a probable match , but the imprint is 93 4068, the pill is pink and it is a capsule 93 on top 4068 under it.-

Thank you.- free discount card

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