... refills on my provigil per usual I ran out early like 2 weeks early. I managed to get the insurance to agree to pay for it early however my pharmacy said absolutely not they would not fill it until 2-3 days before fill day in accordance the 30 fill amount because it is a schedule 2 controlled substance and then they started inquiring as to why I ran out so early so I made up lie after lie and finally was told I could get some today then the pharmacist said no again and told me "I have said this before not until the 14th why do you keep calling about this" so I flipped on her and she hung up on me fortunately or unfortunately the pharmacy near my house said they would do since I had a prior meds with them and I was transferring all meds to them today but they will not be able to do it again. If I ever doubted before I was addicted to this I don't now when I didn't have it I was agitated big time and crashed really badly I slept 12-15 hrs. a day hubby had to take a day off. And if I doubted the potency and addictive nature I don't anymore considering how much many of the pharmacist refused to release this med. without a doc.'s note and explained to me repetively just how controlled of a substance it is