I have been waiting for 26months for a pain clinic, finally got in to the clinic, and he suggested methadone for me, but has given me two weeks to make a decision. I would like to know as much about this type of pain management as I can before I make a final decision, I am leaning towards agreeing to the medication due to reading what I have found online but I would like some other in put or advice of anyone who has had experience with this medication. They have told me that if I was to choose the methadone that I could hit my plateau and have the chance of being totally pain free, I have no drug addictions at all this is strictly pain management. If you could help me of have any other questions on something that I missed that would help. Thank you Very much.
please help me if you can I have no support group around me no family so its basically my only way to vent my questions and concerns
My life right now is revolved around pain and the 18 different types of medication that I have to take daily, it’s like it is set around a 4hour cycle

All about pain 