I'm on Safyral and I'm on the 3rd week. This makes probably the 6th kind of birth control pill I've been put on in the last year and a half. I'm getting VERY frustrated having to switch birthcontrols so much, but so many of them make me so moody and depressed, and others just don't work at all for making me regular. But what pill is possibly going to work best for someone with bipolar history and being on depression medication? I'm not on depression/anxiety meds anymore, but Safyral really makes me feel like I need to be. Out of the blue crying spells, just feeling unmotivated, sleeping too much, and just plain SAD. I'm so tired of switching birth control pills, but there has to be something that will work for me, right? I'm afraid I'm frustrating my Dr. to death, too. I'm afraid she's going to say it's all in my head, but it realllllly is not. Ask my husband. He sees how bad my moods have gotten. HELP!