she expected to come out with no perscriptions and they sent her home with 13 5 of them being narcotics then because she took all this medacine she ended up in a looney bin for 2 weeks now there were three different doctors at this rehab should they have been talking to each other and trying to figure out what minght help her not get her sent to a looney bin for two weeks now using this site ive done reasearch on the meds she keft a rehab with again it was 13 this is nuts your suppost to leave there clean with nothing now alot of the 13 med that she was given are dangerouse and not to be crossed with one another but she followed the doctors orders and took them as perscribed and went nuts now this woman is 73 years old and had too go spend 2 weeks at a pychiatric hospital because she has bad side effect froom the meds they sent her home with i will give anone that ask the full list of meds but can anyone tell me if she has a shot at a malpractice lawsuit her she doesnt know what to do and shes my neighbor and friends can someone please give me advice and fast shes seeing a lawyer on friday i believe about the subject but i wanna know what you people think about this