Started going to the methadone clinic with me. I am not going to call her by her real name so we will call her Loraine. Anyways, this is kind of a long detailed story, but I am going to make it as short as I possibly can. I have known her for 9 yrs. We got to be brst friends 7 years ago. As I have mentioned to some of u in the past I have been done wrong and run over by so many girlfriends, that I am really scared to let girlfriends get to.close to me for fear of being done wrong again. (Most of my close friends r guys). When I met Loraine.she my best guy friend. It took awhile but after two years me,her, j.r., and her boyfriend were inseparable. For the first maybe year I thought I had found the best friend anyone could find. She went on and got pregnant with our Godson who is now 4. Three days after he was born her boyfriend was in the wrong place at wrong time, and the swat team busted in a house he was visiting thaat was obviously full of coke, crack, and illegal prescription pills. He did not know, but he has been doing fed time since. He is getting out finally in July (early for excellent behavior). Now when he went to prison J.R. promised him we would look.after her, his baby, and her other 2 children (from a previous marriage girl is now 12 & boy is 10). We moved in with her paid all her rent and bills and helped her with kids. She was not working and we find out that.she had been telling everyone including her bf that we werewolves living there for free. This is when i rralized she had a different side to her. We were both prescribed lortabs she had been stealing mine and we finally moved out. I.still talked to her and her bf on phonr from prison. He is a great man. She has been cheating on him like crazy. She came to me this summer and said her parents were suing her and the 2 dads for custody of her kids. She said she had nowhere to live and no job so once again she stayed with us for free, which i would give someone the shirt off my back if i can. We have had a hard time since docs put me out. Of work 2 yrs ago. Her youngest child is mixed (black and white) and come to find out she signed over her rights to her kids herself so hrr new racist white boyfriend would notbknow she had a mixed child and I found out her new bf thinks she works fulltime and she is always broke bcuz she pays our bills and she has never paid one. She has bee.n the only one in my house..and some of my meth.keeps disappearing. She can be such.a sweet person. I won't let her come to my house at all.since my clothes started missing and i found them all in the trunk of her car so she does not stay here at all anymore. I want to cursr her out and ask her why she did this to us and her kids, but she will deny it all, start crying, and tell me it hurts her feelings that we would believe she would do yhis I truly think she has serious mental issues and needs help bad. What should i do i cant take it anymore. If there is away I can go about this with getting her the help she needs I would like to do that. I just want to do the right thing for the kids , my godsons daddy, and her if podsible. ANY SUGGESTIONS WELCOME. LOVE ANNA(DIXIE)