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I have a friend on xanax. I am afraid he is addicted?

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Psyched 8 Oct 2009

It is certainly possible to become addicted to Xanax because it is a benzo. is he taking the medication without a prescription or is he taking more than is prescribed at one time?

Kray1963 9 Oct 2009

He does not have a script, so therefore he has no direction to follow. I am looking for ways to talk to him without making him feel defensive. He has almost all of the side effects of the med. I am sure he has a problem. i hope you can give me some good advise on how to help my friend. thanks

Psyched 9 Oct 2009

Unfortunately, your friend has to want to get help. Unless he is willing to go to a doctor and admit he has a problem, the only thing you can do is get the police involved if he makes suicidal or homicidal threats. You sound like a great friend by wanting to help him, but really your hands are tied unless you can convince him to do this himself. I'm sorry, but there are no easy answers for this situation. I do hope you will keep me informed how things are going. Maybe if enough people post on here, you could show him what we've all said. Good luck. free discount card

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