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I have a 5 month baby, i am very over weight, can I take Glucophage while feeding my baby?

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Marvell 14 Oct 2011

Unless you are diabetic I don't think even your doctor will recommend using Glucophage to lose weight, while you are breast feeding.

Please see the link below.

litlmommag 16 Oct 2011

I don't know about the pills but I d have a suggestion on wait loss whenever you get a chance swivel your computer chair back and forth. Take the baby for a walk if you can't walk that far take it a block at a time walk fast enough that you can still talk but not fast enough not to keep your brearh. If your in your a couch bounve of the back of it you'll notice the chane don't skip meals your body will hold the fat if you do so make sure you eat take care and good luck jaine

crazed50 16 Oct 2011

Hey Sweety..i joined jenny craig about 6mths ago.. lost 30pounds ..i learned eating breakfast is 1 key to losing ..i eat lowfat oat meal..and lowfat greek yogurt i eat every fruit drink fat free milk..weight watcher snack are great get them at grocery..lean pocket for lunch... and dinner have what u want just smaller portions..water (hate it) i drink club soda and diet soda..u can join weight watcher on line..joined about ten yrs ago and lose 45 pound..and they do have a program for nursing moms..hope this helps..Best wishes C50 free discount card

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