he has been diangosed with OCD,bipolar,anxity,disturbied behavior disored. I have noticed no one has a coment about a child this young on this med. My concern is all the very risky side effects with this med. He also takes guanfacine 1/2 mg at night with hydroxyzine 20 mg at night to help him sleep. I have noticed a change on doing his chores when asked, but his MAJOR mood swings and his outburts and fits have maybe gotten worse. He is one of those kids that must have a routine at all times, or he is lost. it seems that he is not so concerend with his routine now. I am hoping this med does wonders, but what i want to know if any one has a kid close to my son that has all ready been through this and see how it worked for them. I am very concerned what this could do in the way of side effects!!!