... to money I had to detox quick off the methadone and thought I would die. I have been on and off Suboxone for the past four years and I just want off. I just can't tell they are helping anymore, you would think i would remember all the detoxs I have been through. But I have never done a proper detox off anything just cold turkey. I take two or three 8mgs and I have taken 1 8mgs for the past two days. I have one half of and 8mg. left and I go to the doctor. I am going to tell him that I am going to try to taper down myself. It is killing me financially 633.00 a month for 75 8mgs. Thank God I have a mother who helps me pay for it. Ironically I am going to school for substance abuse counseling and can't afford to be going through withdrawls. I figure I am with a man who was the worst alcoholic I have ever seen and he has been clean 3 months. He quit cold turkey and after three days he had to be hospitalized, they sent him home with a few ativan and he has been good ever since. I think it must all be in how much you can take and how strong your will power is and I don't know if mine is that strong. I let my brain fuck me everytime. Wish me luck!!!