My symptoms include; core trembling, shakes that vary in degree, low body temp of 97.6 to 96.8 F. swelling of feet exspecialy after brief walking, pain in tops of feet and wrinkling of bottoms of feet with tingling, unusual skin color, scalyness of skin on tops of shins and tops of arms, wrinkling on bottom sides of forearms and bottom of calves, unexplained appearence of brusing on various areas of body with no blunt traumas, bruising that is not healing and growing after two weeks from simple blood draw injections, insomnia over last two weeks, constipation for 9 days ( had relief after self indused enema) currently having some bolwe movement after diet of prunes and fiber, uncontrolled urin on two occassions, irregular urin stream with no pain but slow starting and ending of stream, increased chronic pain in low lumbar and high thorasic, sweats, uncommon nervousness, muscle spasams, consistant headache that is sharply worsened with cough.
Current medications; nortriptyline 100 mg at bedtime for depression, butalb-apap-caff 50-325-40 for migrains, meclizine 25 mg 4 daily for chronic vertigo due to post concussion, Gabapentin 600 mg 3 daily, (not sure why}, Hydroxyzine 50 mg 4 daily, Diazepam 5mg 3 daily for spasams, Hydrocodone-apap 5-500 evry 4 hours as needed, Citalopram 40mg 1 in morning for depression, and finally Voltaren Gel for chronic arthrytis.
Meds I was taking that I was ordered to discontinue because of (side effect); Ketorolac 10mg (increased Vertigo)
Tizanidine 4mg (caused tingling and numbness all over, more extreme in feet and ankles) Cyproheptadine 4mg 10 tabs 2 per day (caused hallusination after 3 days dose) Meloxicam 40mg (increased vertigo)
Meds I took that i no longer take after completion of prescription; Metheprednosolone 21 tab beginning with 6 tab decreasing to 5,4,3,2,1 tab daily ( date started taking approx 12-18-11, prescribed after work injury to low lumbar and high thorasic, Prednizone not sure on mg but it was 3 tabs for 3 days then 2 tabs for 2 day and 1 tab for 1 day, prescribed after taking metheprednosolone apprx date started 12-28-11.
Procedures prescribed; epidural low lumbar injection of steroids, 2nd injection low lumbar injection of steroids, approx dates of injections, 1st 1-5-12, 2nd exact date 1-18-12. Two injections of steroids in upper thorasic givin at one time, date 1-19-12, Lumbar puncture to draw spinal fluid 2-2-12.
Known lab results; white count 17.8 taken 1-30-12

Medical history; motorcycle wreck 60mph impact with deer, cracked helment, knock out, first wittness on scene stated I had no pulse and no breathing, came to on my own before arrival of E.M.T. No internal injuries and no fractures except left hand, extreme pain in low back. , date of wreck 9-4-10, did not recieve follow up care untill 7-12-11.diagnosed with post concussion disorder, chronic pain, chronic vertigo and depression, all related to wreck. No prior history of depression of vertigo. No history of heart problems or family heart problems. No diabities, No high cholesteral. No family history of nervous disorders, No current or history of anxiety.