... risk repairing. The other, brain stem, was coiled in 2009. Since that surgery I've been dealing with a number of things. Terrible problems with short term memory, problem solving, and depth perception issues. Anyone out there w/the same? Dr. just blows it off, says has nothing to do with "his work". Anyone else dealing too? Finally broke down and applied for SSDI. Was turned down and now have a hearing coming soon. Im scared to death. I've always worked so it killed me to ask for help. The National Brain Aneurysm Foundation list short-term memory loss, vision disturbances, fatigue, and confusion as possible side effects of coiling. Anyone elso with this too? Anyone dealt with SSDI? I've never asked for help, worked hard and long hours for years. It was humiliating to admit I need help.
How do I convince them I need help? Anyone know of any sources of info I should bring with me? Between this, Graves Disease, Thyroid Eye Disease, IBS, Depression, and Degenerative Osteoarthiritis in both hands, Im unemployable. I want to work but realize my full time work days are over.