been back on for a month! Had a year off. My mania went thru the roof. Out of controll . Now I feel NITHING! Actually just feel depressed. People say it's just that I'm used to the mania. I hate this anyone, someone, please help! I'm so down. I've been cheating on the lithium. I don't know what else to do. Also 5 ng of zanax a day, 300 of seroquil at bed. 30 of remeron at bed. Cymbalta one 30 and a 60 for the panic/anxiety! As much as I begged for help because of the flying out of controll, now that I'm level I can't stand it! I'm so depressed! Oh it's 900 of lith. But I just can't bring myself to take 900 because 600 kicks my butt! Laurie? It's shelt. I forgot my password and COULDENT get in... shelery... :(