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I had to stop taking lexapro and I feel that things are not right, I am very unhappy?

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barbles2413 14 Jun 2010

Same thing with me I finally ent to a psychiatrist just to prescibe medication and that is all I do not have therapy he talks about your symptoms and prescribes medication and keeps working with you until the right medication is found good luck

Elliepurple77 4 Jul 2010

I have been reading and reading about lexapro and it's side effects and especially withdrawal symptoms. I found out I was pregnant and weaned according to my psychiatrist's directions -- turns out i was weaned way too quickly (from 20 to 0 in 5 days), but i guess it's lose/lose since i'm pregnant. I am experiencing horrific symptoms, and my husband and i can't figure out how i'm going to take care of my children when he goes back to work. i can barely function. i'm having trouble typing this, and i'm usually very good with words. PLEASE read the post initiated by auntybiotic about weaning her daughter off lexapro. it is by far the most helpful info you will find. there are almost 9,000 posts, but if you skim thru it it's worth it. also, look for posts on lexapro by an erinkj. oh, and search for "Lexapro - Withdrawal symptoms?" --another good thread. it is scary how many people have been given misinformation about "no weaning side effects" and "safe while pregnant" by their doctors regarding lexapro. it is also scary that i consulted with TWO different physicians about weaning and NEITHER know anything about the symptoms i'm having or how long they can last (months in worst-case scenarios according to many posts).

AND EVERYONE, PLEASE REPORT YOUR NEGATIVE SYMPTOMS TO THE FDA! NOT ENOUGH PEOPLE REPORT THEIR SYMPTOMS AND SIDE EFFECTS, AND PEOPLE WHO TRUST THEIR DOCTORS (LIKE ME) END UP ON THE WRONG SIDE OF UNINFORMED!!! Visit or call 1-800-FDA-1088 (it says this right on the lexapro site -- what it doesn't say is ANYTHING about withdrawal symptoms... no mention whatsoever of what happens when it's time to STOP taking lexapro.) free discount card

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