... to taper me down. We did .5mg twice a day for 5 days, then .5 once a day for five days, then .25 once a day for five days, then stopped. I am on day 3 without. He gave me the .125 in case, but said it would be purely psycholgical... that I really didn't need to taper any more. Throughout this whole thing, I have had a really rough time, especially in the am(when I usually take it), but I just don't know if I should stick it out or take the .125 for 5 days. PLEASE HELP. I am also on day 17 of 20mg of lexapro. Switched from 100 zoloft. I am so ready to be well again. This anxiety is killing me. At least I have some relief now. It used to be all day. Please help encourage me and advise. After 3 days off should I take the .125 or just stay the course. Please tell me all the horror stories aren't the norm. Thank you