Hi, basicly, the month before i forgot to take teh nuvaring out till like 2 am in the morning on monday when im susposed to take it out on sunday afternoon, iforgot and woke up in the middle of the night (aka 2 am) and took it out. then when it was time to put it back in, i put it in monday afternoon. I took it out last sunday afternoon, and started my normal period on wednesday. But it only lasted a day normal ike that. When i woke up, i had bearly any blood on my tampon, and threwout the week till the night of saturday i just had little bits of spotting. My setp mom said its because the nuvaring is shortining my period. Ive been on it since march. Should i be worried about anything? Me and my boyfriend take all the precausions. and one night, we didnt, but he pulled out and THEN cummed. But im still worried. Im known as a 'worry freak' from my friends adn stuff over anything. Should i be ok?