... immediately then 2 1mg twice a day. All I could do was feel sorry for myself and sleep. He also started me on Effexor antidepressant which he says wull take 3 or 4 weeks to kick in. After 8 days on Xanax he gave me a withdrawal schedule to cut down from 3, 2.5, 2, 1.5, .5 then off over a 5 day period. I must have got addicted in the short time I was on them and been terribly ill, my body screaming out for the med. I have been in bed screaming, crying, throwing up and feeling suicidal when I got to day 4 and was feeling suicidal. We called out the emergency doc who says I was taken off them far too quickly and he has now put me back on 2 1mg a day week 1, then 1.5 week 2, 1 mg week 3, then .5 week 4 then off. He says the Effexor will have kicked in by then and I shouldn't experience withdrawal symptoms. But I am terrified he is wrong. I would rather die than suffer like that. Do you think he is right and will I get off them ok and am I going to be okay? I am terrified of this horrible drug