... have a very big tendency to abuse the pain killers. This was an easy surgery, orthoscopic, with the help of my amazing doc and dad they are helping me stop this time before it really becomes an issue again. I am on day three, some withdrawals,but due to surgery I have real pain which is the worst. Anyways, sry for the novel... doc is rec. most of the "thomas guide" as my method. Especially b/c recently I have only been on them for a week+1/2 and had pretty much tapered down Initially I took as directed 8 per day, then down to 6 ect, the last day I was on about 2, with some mild withdrawals (bathroom issues, increase in pain... heres my question,
my dad brought me everything i need (i take zoloft daily, klonipin as needed and adderall very low dose, when applicable. Other than zoloft niether of these are ever taken daily and have never been an issue. I have been on all of these successfully for awhile) The doc suggested increasing anxiety meds and stay away form the adderal(i already barely take)

heres my issue;

he just gave me L-Tyrosine... do I take it now? What is the dose, when do u take ect from what ive heard I am to start everything immedialty. Also is there any issues w/this and my current meds? Its going great so far, I have read many of ur amazing posts here, ur support is amazing!!! Thank you so much!!!