Hi all I had my IUD put in on 01/18/2012 and sens then I have had menstrual cramps that seem to come & go or just stay thy r not that bad most of the time sept after sex or my monthly cycle.
I at first thought it may be because of having sex.
My husband is a big man and I don't know.I'd get cramps I think about 4 or so minutes after sex so I don't know if it's that or maybe it's my monthly cycle.
I've had my menstrual cycle on the 02/01/2012 I think because I was not spotting anymore and started to bleed and the cramps got worse to like I was on my cycle but that stopped on the 02/08/2012.

But when I really think about it I have had light cramping ever sens the IUD
was put in don't really feel like I need to take pain meds when the cramping is
light which dues seem to be most of the time blah sorry.

I'm just not sure if I should be having cramps all the time light or not is this normal for the first month and how long is the spotting supposed to last?

I hope someone can answer my question I know it seems like I'm rambling sorry I just really need answers from someone that has had there's in for longer than a month help!