... ones for sleep anyway)

He had settled on Dalmane the big ones too,
30 mg. 2 Would knock out a horse. The 'script'
was for 15, (but I lost one??? )

Well, I hadn't had any sleep in the same number
of days. So I got down on my hands and knees and
tried, best I could , to sort things out with the big guy

I finally get to sleep for a few hours (guess I'm not
a horse). I wake up, blood on the pillow AND
EVERYONE THINKS I'M MANIC!!! but I'm not and
this shall prove it thus ending the false imprisonment
my parents have imposed upon me. Ruining my Life.

My Parents, guardians, refuse to anything? I want a second opinion. If it turns out I am manic I'll accept BUT there is strong doubt.

I'm not manic. Fact, I never hallucinate. I never imagine things that aren't I want a Neurology appointment to prove this true. I feel strongly, almost know that it is.

This is paramount to the situation. As I sit here, taking the wrong medication, I grow steadily worse. I already experience loss of memory. I do not like this. The proper medication will help.