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I had Dilaudid in a pain pump I recently had the painpump removed now what can I do for the withdra?

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8 Aug 2011

Hey cindyernc,

Part of your question was cut off so I'm assuming you want to know what to do about the withdrawal. If it were me I would ask the doctor for a script of oral dilaudid and taper off this med rather than stopping cold turkey. Your doctor should have prepared you for this. Please contact the doctor and get the necessary medicine so you can slowly taper off the med rather than suffer.

Best wishes,


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9 Aug 2011

Dear Cindy:
I have a physician she is a doctor of internal medicine and has a degree in pain management, 2 years ago I was on Dilaudid at that time because I had to enter the hospital with a boil and was so large in my right groin I had to be placed on Vancomycin (it turned out to be MRSA) and I had to have surgery and have it opened as well I was put on a pain pump while I was in the hospital it was filled with Dilaudid in the pump once I was released from the hospital the doctor was able to change the dose to oral form and for a few days give me a little more than I was getting IV it helped keep me from going into withdrawl symptoms, I am treated for chronic pain due to neuromuscular problems associated with polio and now I am on Opana ER but I wouldn't worry they should be able to convert the dose and make things without all the withdrawls. I wish you the very best

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caringsonbj 9 Aug 2011

I don't know how they will do this with you but the doctor started talking aout this several days before I was able to be discharged, she did the dose conversions while I was hospitalized and double checked with the hospital pharmacist just to be sure so it should not be a worry. I again jope all goes well for you Billy (caringsonbj)

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