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I had bypass surgery 2years ago and the doctor never took me off Plavix afterwards. Should I still?

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DzooBaby 6 Jan 2012

This is a question that can only be answered by your cardiologist. If you no longer see one (but you really should be seeing one at least yearly) then talk to your PCP.

DemoninDC 9 Jan 2012

Yes you still be on the drug. Why are you not going to your cardiologist? This is not something to fool around with. You may want to see a hematologist as well to ensure you do not have any clotting issues.

MichialT 9 Jan 2012

I do see my cardiologist 1x a year. Coming up soon. I will talk to him but I wanted some insight first. I need to cut some prescription cost. What is a hematologist?

DemoninDC 10 Jan 2012

A hematologist is a doctor who is a specialist in the study of blood. They provide for the treatment and prevention of blood diseases. Blood has many different functions, such as: transporting oxygen and nutrients to the lungs and tissues; and forming blood clots to prevent excess blood loss. Since there may be a concern with your platelets, one of the reasons for Plavix, you may want to ensure that there are no issues with your blood clotting. free discount card

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